Do You Have The Right Leaders?

Are the leaders you have now the right ones for your organization? Think about how technology has changed the way we work. Technology influences our work life in how we communicate, how we meet, how we plan projects, how we keep track of progress and even how we inform our clients. With all of these changes that focus on technology, should our leadership change?

In the past, a valuable leader had a strong command of the company’s mission. Revenues and profits were top of mind. But today, companies have to consider not only the industry they are in, but others as well. How are other industries changing the face of business?

There is a premium today on leaders who can manage differently – leaders who have a grasp on the technological changes within the business environment. Here are some of the strengths now considered most important in leaders.

The Ability To Innovate. Instead of following some predetermined strategies for growth, leaders today must understand how business is evolving rapidly. Leaders should have the ability to envision new solutions and be willing to create something new. It’s not just seeking out and delivering on new possibilities, but also helping to redefine the organization for the future.

Early Adopters Of Technology. If not the adopters of technology itself, leaders must be early adopters of the advantages created by the use of technology. While we may not expect our leaders to write code, they should have the knowledge to understand the capabilities that exist. Technology is not just about working faster anymore, but being more effective at what we do. In order to improve organizations, our leaders must be skilled in recognizing the core technologies that will help businesses and organizations remain competitive.

High Emotional Intelligence. Leadership is not just about putting people and pieces together anymore, and following a plan. Instead, leadership needs to evaluate people. Leaders need to be accountable and know how to design process that will work for the benefit of the organization.

Understand The Value Of Disruption. Our world, and our work, is chaotic. A leader that can thrive in the unknown, a leader who likes the challenge, is the leader that will take the team into the future.

Work With Both Technology And People. Using technology to effectively communicate with people will influence the success of the leader. A good leader who knows how to apply technology to optimize the role of his/her people will encourage better decision-making throughout the organization.

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