What Does Career Growth Mean to You?

3d Illustration: Business ideas. Group puzzles in a circle, care Career growth is personal. If you have a clear definition of what career growth means in your own mind, you will be able to take advantage of growth opportunities. More than likely, there are opportunities both within your present organization as well as opportunities that are provided by outside resources. Both are valuable.

Define career growth for yourself. That could mean the ability to learn new skills and use them in your job. Career growth for some might be to work for an industry leader. For others, growth is the opportunity to take on new challenges and responsibilities. What is your idea of career growth? Remember that your career growth, while mostly a map of your career goals, can also include some personal goals. Once you’ve defined your career growth plan, write it down and start working toward your end result.

LMJA Can Help

LMJA can help with Individual Development Plans (IDP). An IDP is critical to your future. It is fast becoming mandatory in Federal Government for all employees – whether senior level or entry level. All employees are being highly encouraged to take responsibility for their own career growth.  Give us a call at (301) 670-0051 and let us discuss our step-by-step action plan to achievement.