When It’s Challenging To Recruit, Consider The Assets Of The Department

It’s no secret that it’s getting more and more challenging to recruit, hire and retain employees. You may wonder how you can compete, particularly when other organizations may be willing to offer higher compensation. However, salary isn’t the only factor that job seekers look at when searching for a new position. So many other variables come into play, like a department’s  culture, flexibility and an emphasis on well-being. The key to making your open positions stand out is to tell your unique story in a clear and effective way through a strong employee value proposition.

What is an employee value proposition (EVP)? Simply put, an EVP communicates the value an employer provides to its employees. Some of these assets may be beyond your control, but others can be emphasized by good leadership and professionalism. The most compelling EVPs include tangible assets, like benefits packages, and intangible values such as professional growth opportunities. The more benefits of working for your organization that you provide, the stronger your EVP is when hiring new team members.

No matter the state of the job market, an effective EVP is a vital tool for talent acquisition. It encompasses the assets you offer as an employer to attract new talent and retain your best employees. Here’s a sample of three sections every good EVP should have:

  • Benefits and Perks: According to a Glassdoor survey, 80% of employees value stronger benefits packages over pay increases. Employee benefits are an important part of a good EVP and you should be clear about what you offer. Here’s a sample of what you can include:
    • Health insurance policy
    • Childcare
    • Sick leave
    • Parental leave
    • Paid vacation
    • Retirement plan
  • Career Development Opportunities: Providing employees with the opportunity to learn new skills shows them you’re invested in their success. Career development options could include the following:
    • On-site training opportunities. We can help reinforce training for your group!
    • Tuition assistance.
    • Coaching opportunities. LMJA also offers coaching to groups or individuals.
    • Certification programs.
  • Organizational Culture: Unlike the last two examples, an organization’s culture isn’t tangible, but that doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, cultural fit is key when attracting and retaining employees. LMJA and Associates is particularly helpful in developing and maintaining an attractive culture. Here are some ways to showcase your organization’s culture:
    • Hybrid and remote work opportunities.
    • Flexible hours. Can a new employee work around hours that fit his/her schedule more easily?
    • Teamwork values. How effective are your teams? True teamwork increases work satisfaction. We can help with quality team management.
    • Diversity and inclusion statements. The value of diversity has increased in the last few years. LMJA can help here too.
    • Management style. LMJA has several courses aimed at building exceptional leadership skills.
    • Well-being perks.

With available jobs seemingly outpacing the number of candidates, it’s more important than ever for organizations to attract and retain talent. That’s why it’s vital for organizations to develop a compelling EVP and then effectively communicate it both internally and externally. It can seem like a daunting task, but Leah M Joppy and Associates can help you create an EVP and add various strengths throughout the department. Through these efforts, you have the ability to tell your organization’s unique story and why potential new hires should work for you! Contact us at 301-670-0051 or email us at leah@lmja.com to learn more and get started.