Doing What Matters

Make Time for What Matters - Chalkboard with Hand Drawn Text.Ever since childhood I remember my mom saying:

“Get a good education. That is something that no one can take away from you.” 

In my parent’s house, college was mandatory. There were 5 children in the house, and all of us have some level of post high school learning – whether it be a college degree or specific military training. As a matter of fact, my youngest sibling excelled at maintaining the Army’s Black Hawk and served in Desert Storm. We are all so very proud of him.

When I received my MBA, of course my family was proud of me, but actually it felt quite normal. After all, that’s what we were supposed to do! I went on to be adjunct faculty and career counselor. Eventually, I started my own business – and now it’s going on 25 years!

It seems appropriate then, that my business is about educating and training people on how to become an effective leader. We help our clients find “What Matters to Them” and at the same time, I’m “Doing What Matters” to me.

Additionally, as a mentor for high school high achievers, I have seen so many extremely smart and ambitious youth who want to go to college. The problem is that there are very limited resources to take advantage of – short of their parents having to go into deep debt. It was different when I went to college. Then, there was an abundance of FREE college money. Indeed, I went to the University of Maryland – tuition-free! It appears that those days are long gone. So many kids are side-lined from fulfilling their dreams, realizing their purpose, for lack of money.

And so, I have now entered into my Next Life – Director of Let’s Go! In short, I started Let’s Go! as a non-profit in order to provide resources for ambitious and high achieving youth who just don’t have the means to take advantage of post-high school learning as I did. Let’s Go! – a highly competitive program – will not only provide financial resources for these youth, but it will also provide leadership and life skills.  I’ve come full-circle. Once again – Doing What Matters.  What matters to YOU?