Recognizing Accomplishments

Child celebrating success or victoryNovember has blessed us with some wonderful weather and forceful sunshine! Even if it were not the month that we traditionally give thanks, we might be thankful each time we go out the door. When we really sit down and think about it, we realize that it’s often the littlest things – the things we sometimes take for granted – that we are most thankful for.

I once had a boss who rarely acknowledged accomplishments. He thought accomplishments were expected, and praising an accomplishment might make someone sit back and not work very hard. I’d often shake my head, wondering, what was he thinking! In truth, when we recognize accomplishments, we provide a lift to the person or team we recognize. Instead of sitting back and doing nothing, a little recognition usually makes people work harder! They are grateful – grateful to have a job and grateful that hard work is recognized.

So in this month of November, as the days grow shorter and the year-end approaches, let’s remember the things we can do to celebrate successes. Here’s a list. How many can you practice before December 31st?

  1. Recognizing success is often about doing what matters. It’s taking your job seriously and performing the work that is important to the mission. Do you have a manager or team leader who has battled through opposition? Or maybe led a team with dignity? Celebrate their success with a hand-written note. A simple Thank You will prove to be a happy diversion for a job well done.
  2. Celebrating the entire team. Besides the pessimistic boss described above, I also had one that understood how important it was to recognize the team. So he would arrange an event. Something simple. He’d bring in root beer and vanilla ice cream and make root beer floats after lunch! Or he stopped by the donut place and grab a large container of coffee and donuts. Whatever he planned, it came with a public display of recognition. Wow, did that make us feel good!
  3. Perk up someone’s day with a small card from Starbucks. It might just have $5 on it, but you end up making that person feel good twice – when you give it to them and make note of why he/she deserves it, and when they use the card!
  4. Set up a Brag Board. This is great if you have a team. Ask them to bring something that can be added to a poster that reminds them of the job they’re working on. Make it known that you want brag on them a little and want visitors to see what’s being accomplished. The board will grow as more contributions come in, making it a topic of interest for a while, and a constant reminder that you wanted to brag!
  5. Finally, just say it. Say Thank You. Genuinely given, a simple thank you can have as great an impact as any of the other suggestions above.

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