End Of Year Budget Needs – Popular Courses

If you’re examining your EOY budget and have last minute money that needs to be spent, now is an ideal time to invest those dollars in your team. Think about both the victories and challenges that you’ve experienced so far this year. Is there a conflict that might have been resolved better? Are there areas that need improvement, like enhanced communication or trust? This month and next, we’re focusing on our most popular courses that have changed the way offices operate, communicate and deal with issues. They’re a great investment in the most important part of your department – your people:

Here are two of our most sought-after courses that we’re focusing on this month:

Effective Interpersonal Skills: Interpersonal skills are sometimes referred to as people skills, soft skills or emotional intelligence skills. In a nutshell, they’re the way you communicate and interact with others. Valuable interpersonal skills include: teamwork, leadership, empathy, active listening and so much more. In this course, we delve into verbal and non-verbal cues, why they matter and how to build strong interpersonal skills that will enhance the harmony and productivity of your office.

Conflict Management Skills: Problems can arise on any team. Whether you’re a manager or employee, you will likely need to resolve conflict at some point in your job. This might involve solving an issue between staff members, yourself and a colleague or with someone outside your department. Our course helps you develop conflict resolution skills, deal with constructive criticism and gain important counseling, mediating and problem-solving skills.

If you have money left in your EOY budget to spend and are ready to invest it in your most important asset (your team!), Leah M. Joppy and Associates is ready to help! Call us at 301-670-0051 or email us at leah@lmja.com.