Why Everyone Needs a Life Coach

The concept of life coaching is becoming more and more popular every year. You may even know someone who has worked with a life coach and find the idea intriguing. But what exactly does a life coach do and how can one help you with your own unique set of challenges? A life coach is someone who counsels clients on anything from career obstacles to personal struggles. A coach plays multiple roles in your life: he/she unlocks your potential, allows you to discover your best self, acts as a motivator and is an accountability partner.

If you’ve been doing some soul searching and feel like you could use a little help (or even if things are going great!), here are just a few reasons why working with a life coach could put you on the path to real and meaningful change:

  • You’re feeling “stuck”: Our lives are always in transition. At times, we may feel like nothing is working in our favor and we’re not moving forward. A life coach helps you realize what you truly want from life and helps you overlook all the noise in your head that’s keeping you from achieving your goals.
  • You’re feeling lost: Maybe you don’t know what you want. Perhaps you feel like you’re living your life on auto-pilot. A life coach will help you identify your personal values and how those values can translate into a more meaningful career, personal life, etc.
  • You’re feeling unhappy: You know you need a change. Or you know you need to change. Either way, a life coach can help you pinpoint why you’re unhappy and help you take steps to enact meaningful and long-lasting solutions.
  • You’re feeling happy: I know, I know. If you’re already happy, why do you need a life coach? Happiness can be a great motivator for change. If you love where you are in life, you’re more likely to be open to growth and wonder what else is out there to reach out and grab!
  • You’re feeling comfortable: Ah, there’s nothing like your routine and comfort zone! Any variation of the familiar and you break out in a sweat. A life coach partners with you to push you out of your routine and explore what else is out there.
  • You’re feeling scared: Who isn’t? You’re scared of failure, success, what people will think and say, etc. etc. A life coach will help you figure out your fears, provide you with tools to take action despite those fear and change the way you look and feel about them.

Life coaches aren’t a magic pill for all of life’s ups and downs. The solutions always reside inside of you. However, many times we’re so full of doubt and fear that we can’t hear or see the answers in front of us. Coaching helps you look at any situation from a different perspective to help you break through paralyzing thoughts.

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