Five Ways to Truly Connect

photodune-5195905-connecting-people--xsHow we communicate influences our life in multiple ways. Being able to connect personally will influence every relationship we have and will help determine where we go with our career. Try these tips.

  1. Eye Contact. Don’t look away during a conversation. Listen carefully and make sustained eye contact.
  2. Minimize interruptions. You can’t really build trust with someone if they are always interrupting. Instead, active listening plays a huge role in communication.
  3. Show respect. If something distracts you, or someone is signaling you while you are on the phone, tell the person you are talking to that you are being interrupted. Ask them if you can call them back. And make sure you do. Avoid using those filter words that everyone recognizes.
  4. Leave your ego at the door. Instead of showing off your expertise, make the other person feel important.
  5. Make a plan. If you can prepare beforehand, those last minute nerves won’t cause you to feel like a dummy. Think about certain recent developments, items in the news or personal experiences that you can bring up in conversation. And be sure to ask questions to encourage interaction.

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