How Do Successful People Spend Their Weekends?

In our article on the intriguing habits of successful people, we really only looked at the normal work week. So that got us wondering, how do successful people spend their weekends? Here’s what we found.

  1. Many successful people do not go to the office on weekends. Instead, they use their time to think more deeply about work and their particular industry. It’s their chance to reflect on bigger issues.
  2. Most successful people follow the same schedule on weekends as they do during the week. They are up early, but more often than not, engaging in an activity that is for themselves.
  3. They plan mini-trips, excursions, events that center around some passion they have. That could mean a bike ride through the countryside, a hike in the woods, a day of skiing or a play on broadway. These events not only further work-life balance, but they help successful people enjoy life to the fullest.
  4. More successful people plan for an “unplugged” weekend. They recognize the need to renew mind and body. If you’re constantly plugged-in, that’s hard to do.
  5. Finally, according to our research, most successful people take real vacations. Not long weekends or “stay-cations” but real, honest-to-goodness get away from it all vacations. Savoring experiences is important to relaxation and creativity.