It’s Not Just About 2019: The Importance of Long-Term Goals

A new year is upon us and that means you’ve probably heard this question dozens of times: “What is your New Year’s resolution?” Whether it’s losing weight, organizing our homes, or finding a new job, our society is in love with making resolutions at the start of every New Year. But we’re not so in love with keeping them. Only an estimated 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions and those are only short-term goals! Ask someone the dreaded question, “where do you see yourself in five years?” and you’ll likely be met with a little bit of fear and anxiety. Why are long-term goals daunting to so many? Are we doing ourselves a disservice in life by merely thinking short-term and not planning for years in the future? The short answer is “yes.”

What if you positioned this year differently and lived your life based on what you intend to do 3 or 5 years from now? Although you don’t have a crystal ball and can’t plan for what will happen in the future, you can position yourself to achieve the goals you have for your life. One key is how to view your goals: they’re a means and not an end. Ask yourself the question, “Am I merely interested in achieving these goals or am I truly committed?” Commitment means there are no excuses and you’re willing to do whatever it takes. Interest simply means there will be excuses and circumstances along the way telling you why you can’t do something.

True commitment means you’re willing to put aside the idea that you’re not in control of what happens in your own life. You’re ready to live a consciously designed life based on the following principles:

  • YOU are in control of what happens to you; you are capable of positioning yourself and making a plan.
  • YOU have the ability to make things happen and won’t let external circumstances derail your goals.
  • YOU are responsible for the choices you make.
  • YOU are willing to stay motivated and value your goals, even when life is difficult.

The idea behind long-term goal planning is: Don’t just plant a tree, plant an orchard. And don’t view 2019 as just one year, but think of how you can begin writing your story for 2020, 2021, and even farther. We have some powerful activities that will help you and your team think beyond the typical New Year’s resolutions and begin creating meaningful and attainable long-term goals. Call Leah M. Joppy and Associates at 301-670-0051 or email us at