Football legend Vince Lombardi said that, “leaders are made, not born.” When it comes to effective leadership, we can all use a strategy that helps us hone our skills and bring out the best in our team. But figuring out how to do that can be a challenge and can feel overwhelming when you already have a lot of other responsibilities on your plate. We often get so caught up in thinking that our current leadership methods are working “well enough,” so why rock the boat? Leadership coaching is an ideal way to break out of a leadership rut and get a fresh perspective.

What does leadership coaching entail? It’s a chance to step back from your everyday method of leadership, examine what’s working and address what’s not. Initially, we take a look at your leadership style and behaviors, along with those in your organization. We then meet to discuss issues and plans. Support and guidance is offered to address any concerns. A multi-step plan of action is developed, and helpful tools and resources are provided (i.e. – reading materials, technology tools, outside learning opportunities). And don’t forget accountability and feedback. We meet regularly to determine how things are going, where you are with your goals and how your skills are developing.

What are the benefits? First of all, you’ll become a more effective leader through greater self-awareness of your decisions, how to best use the strengths of your team and effective delegation of tasks. But it goes far beyond that. You’ll also gain confidence, discover strengths and talents you may not have known existed and gain a new perspective. Your organization will benefit through your enhanced skills and you’ll uncover new methods of tackling challenges while bringing out the best in your team.

Have you been struggling with the challenges of leadership? Or do you feel like your “tried and true” methods could use a little, well, tweaking? Then, let’s talk! Leah M Joppy and Associates has a wealth of experience helping leaders with all different levels of experience, from those new to the role to others who have been at it for years. Call us at 301-670-0051 or email leah@lmja.com to discuss your unique needs.

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