What Is A Mindful Moment and Why Do We Need It Now?

MindfulnessThis article is an excerpt from our Mindfulness Webinar: If you weren’t able to join us for the webinar, here is a snippet taken from the discussion. Stay tuned for further topics.

What Is A Mindful Moment and Why Do We Need It Now?

We live during uncertain times. Politically, culturally and economically, these are complex times that we have not experienced to this degree until now. Taking the time to pause, slow down and not overreact to any news or problem that crops up helps us both physically and mentally.

Try these 4 steps to practice your Mindful Moment.

  • Pausing. When feeling a difficult emotion, or struggling in anyway, take a mindful pause.
  • Breathing. Tune into your breath, allowing yourself to fully feel it. Two thoughts that can help with this are:

“What can I feel within my breath right now?”
“Where can I feel my breath most strongly?”

  • Body. Tune into your body. Allow yourself to fully feel any sensations there. Ask yourself:

“What sensations can I feel in my body right now?”
“Where does my body feel tight / clenched / held?”
“Where does my body feel strong / grounded / steady?”

  • Emotions. Name your emotion. “What am I feeling right now?”

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