End Of Year Budget Needs – Popular Courses (Part 2)

Strategic PlanningIf your EOY budget still contains money that needs to be spent, you may be thinking about what to do with those extra dollars. Investing them in your team is something that will pay off for years to come! Last month, we focused on two of our most popular courses that have helped departments deal with conflict and develop effective interpersonal skills. Here’s a look at two more of our most sought-after courses that we’re focusing on this month:

Developing Inclusive Teams: According to studies on the subject, leaders who create an inclusive culture for their team see performance increase by 17 percent, as well as increases in collaboration and decision-making quality. While most managers believe having a diverse and inclusive work culture is critical to performance, they don’t always know how to achieve that goal. Our course covers a broad range of topics, such as examining the culture of an organization, identifying current and potential problems and providing tangible tools for meaningful change. Each organization faces it’s own unique challenges when it comes to inclusivity and we work with you to build a customized course that will yield real results.

Organizational Strategic Planning: Organizational strategic planning is an incredibly important activity that covers a lot of bases. It involves setting priorities, determining where to focus energy and resources, ensuring that employees are working towards common goals and so much more. Our course helps you develop an effective strategic plan that clearly lays out where your organization is going, the actions needed to make progress and a blueprint for success.

If you have money left in your EOY budget to spend and are ready to invest it in your most important asset (your team!), Leah M. Joppy and Associates is ready to help! Call us at 301-670-0051 or email us at leah@lmja.com.