Steps You Can Take To Break Bad Habits

Build Good HabitsLooking at the list of bad habits commonly found in the workplace, I’m pretty determined that I’d like to break myself of at least some of them. To be successful, the experts say to follow these steps.

  1. Find a partner who will work with you to help ditch these bad habits.
    2. Put a voice to your bad habit. Admitting your habit to someone makes you accountable. Sharing your habit with a friend will also make you more conscious of it when you fall back into the habit.
    3. Write it down. Whatever your bad habit, when you find yourself repeating it, write it down. Write down how you feel – what’s going through your head. This action will also make you more aware of your bad habit before it happens.
    4. Think of a good response for the next time. If your bad habit is accepting too much stress, try a one-minute meditation. Or get up from you chair and take a 5-minute walk. Find something that can replace your bad habit.
    5. Reward yourself. Start small. How can you reward yourself when you’ve avoided the habit? Then keep rewarding yourself and plan for a big reward when you finally feel like you’ve ditched the habit for good.

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