Deriving Pleasure From Results

fotolia_65748140_xsLast month, we talked about recognizing accomplishments and doing what matters! As humans, we get pleasure from accomplishment. So it makes sense that as we approach 2017, our goal should be to create a culture of accomplishment in the workplace to engage our employees even more powerfully.

This video appeared in 2015. It’s been viewed time and time again. It’s pretty simple. It’s about accomplishing the first task of the day and the importance of that task. Take a look. The video resonates with many of us. We somehow find great comfort in checking off a task. We recognize that something has been accomplished.

As the manager of your department, organization, project team or company, your job is to set goals. But it’s also your job to help employees reach those goals. So starting now, begin 2017 as the year of accomplishment. Here are some tips for making that happen.

  1. Celebrate the small wins. If the team has an enormous project ahead of them for the year, break it up into small projects. Seeing success along the way makes the entire project more palatable and doable! And small celebrations help to keep everyone on track. You recognize their efforts and progress. And in return, your team gets a boost of energy. The feeling of satisfaction permeates throughout the office!
    2. Be present. That seems easy, but sometimes leaders are in such a hurry, they forget to touch base with individuals. Keeping a team on track is important, so regular meetings and constant feedback is fuel for your team. Being present doesn’t mean micromanaging – it’s just keeping in touch and providing positive reinforcement.
    3. Be clear and concise. I once had a manager that would give a task and then talk about it for 10-15 minutes. By the time he was finished, we were more confused than before our meeting! Instead, be clear. Explain what the goals are and what your expectation is for every member of the team.
    4. Be positive. Besides celebrating small wins, make sure you celebrate milestones. Give credit to the team. And point out how well they’ve accomplished a project. Emphasize the positive.

Helping your team measure and track success instills a culture of accomplishment. The next time you have an opportunity to celebrate, be sure you do – no matter how busy your day!

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